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رام گلكسي نوت كوك شده با بيس AOSP_4.0.4 بنام M3dD0g´s LiquidSmooth (آپديت13تير-پست1)
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موضوع: رام گلكسي نوت كوك شده با بيس AOSP_4.0.4 بنام M3dD0g´s LiquidSmooth (آپديت13تير-پست1)

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    تاریخ عضویت
    May 2012
    عنوان کاربر
    سوپر مدير انجمن
    شماره عضويت
    محل سکونت
    نوشته ها
    می پسندم
    سپاس از شما
    12,893 بار در 5,944 پست
    میزان اعتبار کاربر
    18,100 تومان
    مبلغ حمایت شده از کاربر
    12500 تومان
    اطلاعات کامپیوتر
    میزان امتیاز

    رام گلكسي نوت كوك شده با بيس AOSP_4.0.4 بنام M3dD0g´s LiquidSmooth (آپديت13تير-پست1)

    بنام خدا

    M3dD0g´s LiquidSmooth V3.0

    [فقط کاربران ثبت نام شده قادر به مشاهده لینکها هستند . ][فقط کاربران ثبت نام شده قادر به مشاهده لینکها هستند . ]

    رام پایه : AOSP

    کرنل : Franco R6

    مودم : ....

    ويژگيهاي رام :

    - تغيير تم MMS

    - استفاده از لانچر Liquid

    - استفاده از كيبوردي جديد

    - و . . .

    Changelog LiquidSmooth V3
    Added Francos r6 Kernel THX
    New Themed MMS.apk
    Specifiy load offset for ramdisk
    Settings: Fix data toggle
    Added Liquid Launcher with alot optimizations and tweaks
    Added Lockscreen weather and reset manual sync timeout
    Framework more Themed
    Settings completely rewritten
    Volume FC fixed
    Brightness FC fixed
    Settings <> LiquidControls Migration
    True Bootanimation Disable
    BootAnimation preload into memory when used
    Cleanup Calendar code and make room for new patchset
    PhoneStatusBar: fix calling the incorrect path for calendar
    Clean up values: surface flinger / contact 
    GPS Linaro optimizations / tweaks / fix
    New Keyboard
    Fix Locksreen Wallpaper FC
    Telephony: Fix SmsManager 
    OMAP_ENHANCEMENT code from omapzoom.org (MERGED)
    Remove message notification while in conversation
    Removal of redundant settings and duplicates
    Update codebase to 4.0.4_r2.1 aka IMM76L
    Changed default null iconset for liquidsmooth
    Bluetooth pairing fixes
    DynamicChangelog optimized
    Libstagefright: LPAPlayer: Fix choppy playback on BT
    (Weather) Sync on n/w connection, Fix authorship / liscensing info on util classes
    Linaro toolchain implementation / optimizations / etc...
    Changelog LiquidSmooth V2.2
    Fixed Settings FC in tablet mode
    Fixed FC in Kindle App
    Added Dynamic Changelog in Liquid Control for LiquidSmooth at Git
    Added Galaxy Note Device Settings in Settings
    Added Galaxy Note Tweaks in Settings (Tweaks will work if the future Kernel supports it)
    Fixed Fast Torch
    Some cosmetic changes in Theme (Hope you like now)
    Some Framework fixes
    and more i forgot... ;)
    Changelog LiquidSmooth V2.1
    Stock ICS Theme only system backgrounds blacked out and small cosmetic changes
    All Settings FC´s fixed
    Added Theme Chooser (but still not working) f...k java code
    Installation is the safest way to Flash a ICS Rom...
    Changelog LiquidSmooth V2
    Added RTL support
    Added Hardware MKV Video support
    Added Camera MP4 Recording 
    In Camera you can now select your storage (internal/external) to save your photos/videos
    Improve video quality recording
    Browser Download FC fixed (i hope)
    Fixed banding issues
    Added Franco´s r4 Kernel
    Fixed screen rotation with kernel
    Added newest Apex Luncher
    Navbar accessibility options enabled
    Fix Lockscreen Icons / Color picker / proper scaling
    Fix custom icon on longpress
    OpenRecoveryScript (not yet working) added to liquid control 
    Added download Rom options with GOO.im support to liquid control (not yet working for n7000)
    Added some new UI sounds 
    Cleaned up sixbar signal mod strings
    Fixed FC upon connections to invisible SSID’s
    Fixed longpress search to enable voice search option
    Resurrectued lost PhoneWindowManagerJava code styling (non UX)
    Fix autorotate toggle
    Added parameters for Samsung Cameras 
    Fixed lockscreen memory leak 
    Fix Navbar Glow color resetting on restart
    Tweaked GPS (should lock even without google APN based triangulation VERY quickly now)
    Enable dither if needed - Credit Prabhanjan Kandula, nocoast
    Added secondary aplication Lockscreen/Homescreen shortcuts to toggle torch & navbar 
    Fixed heap corruption bugs 
    Added option to deny the conversion to MMS from SMS if length of sms=greater than 3 pages 
    Added Sense4 recent task switch 
    Fix bug resetting custom icon on long-press change
    Proper Lockscreen Icon scaling 
    Added DHCP lease time option in advanced settings for wifi tether
    Holo theme for ActivityPicker Dialog for added ICS theme continuity
    Added option to disable camera sounds (illegal in some states) can be found under settings, sounds
    Add ability to hide sender and/or message body in Mms notifications
    Fixed SMS gesture/template bugs 
    Fix sent SMS timestamp display 
    Black liquid splash wallpaper
    Fix camera FC on restore preference 
    Phone add voicemail notification setting 
    Browser: new navbar/incognito buttons, fixed select User Agent under Settings and more stuff added
    Changed the theme from Liquid, hope you like when not post it and next build will be stock ICS look
    Added inverted gapps
    Changelog LiquidSmooth V1
    Lockscreen flickering issues fixed
    Small Framework changes
    New Wallpaper
    CRT-OFF Effect fixed (enable/disable it in Liquid settings)
    and other things i forgot...
    Changelog LiquidSmooth Beta 3
    Full emoji 6.1 support + patch fixes from CM9
    Music Player Playback fixed
    Hotboot fixed 
    Bluetooth fixes added more profiles
    General overhaul more smoothness
    MMS(includes outgoing Timestamp accuracy fix)
    Fixed default statusbar_unexpanded color values
    GPS lock fixed
    Deep Sleep issues fixed
    Google Wallet fixed
    Widget FC fixed
    Gapps updated / optimized 04/22/12
    Market restore fixed
    Kernel LP5 added best Kernel ATM no issues
    Busybox added
    New keyboard + framework cosmetic updates
    Complete native USB Mass Storage for Internal and External SDcard (you don´t need the UMS app)
    Changelog LiquidSmooth Beta 2.1
    Settings FC in tablet mode fixed
    Camera fixed
    added File Browser
    added in "Download Extras" Multi Language Pack .zip
    Changelog LiquidSmooth Beta 2 
    Photoshop Fixed 
    APN Settings Fixed
    Notification bar color/alpha bugfixes 
    Notification Color/Alpha Customizable (status bar general) 
    Market apk purchasing issues resolved
    SQLite patch credit Francisco Franco
    Launcher source optimization
    Additional framework optimizations
    Additional Nav bar customizations
    System png´s blackedout
    Optimizations to the performance source code Credit Francisco Franco
    Build.prop optimizations
    About the Team preferences/layout Credit jbirdvegas
    A big big thank to the community! Without you guys, this would be nothing!

    طریقه نصب رام :

    [فقط کاربران ثبت نام شده قادر به مشاهده لینکها هستند . ]

    [فقط کاربران ثبت نام شده قادر به مشاهده لینکها هستند . ]

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